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geroam's Journal

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15 April
I was born in Peru, but moved to Georgia, USA only shortly after that, where I lived with my evangelical protestant missionary parents for 11 years, and was homeschooled the whole time. Then they decided we should all move down to Bolivia when I was 13, and we did. I adjusted very well there, and entered a Christian private American school.
In my last 6 years there in Bolivia I came to love it, and have changed a lot. Getting to know people, and living life, as well as my internet experiences and friends taught me a lot, and made me more.... opened-minded, shall we say.
I was planning on sticking around there, and studying dentistry.
I got a little too deep into trouble(and a few controlled substances), and decided to come and seek out my fortune in the US. Once here, I couldn't find a job, and met a Marine Corps recruiter at Walmart. His pitch sounded good, and I said 'what the hell, it'll be an adventure'. So I enlisted in March 2003, and now I'm stuck in Camp Lejune, NC, for the next 2 years.

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