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Nov. 20th, 2005 | 01:40 am
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Been quite a while since my last post... its become a pattern the last couple years. Might change since I've now got my own computer with internet.
Where to start?
I got deployed in March this year, got back in September. The USS Ashland was my home for 6 long months, since I was in the ship's company of marines, floating around the mediterranian and the gulf. I stopped in 7 countries... Malta, Israel, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Greece, and Spain. We stayed in Kuwait for a whole month doing marine things in the desert, getting ready for Iraq, but then they decided they wanted to put us back on the ship in case something else came up. No complaints... that whole region of the world is pretty worthless and I was glad to leave it. Fuck prisons, we should send criminals to the desert.
Then in port in Jordan, the Ashland got missiles shot at it by some Iraqi terrorists. Somehow they couldn't hit a couple giant ships, and hit a warehouse instead. Was a pretty big deal though, having people actively trying to kill me simply for who I am and who I work for.
Besides Kuwait and Jordan though, all the countries we stopped at were pretty damn cool. United Arab Emirates was a surprise... very arabic, but yet very western at the same time. Lots of money, fancy buildings and stuff... you forget you're in the desert for a while in Dubai. Greece and Malta were very similar, very cool... Europe is really chilled out, laid back. I loved it... no opened container laws, no problem with walking down the streets with a beer... every establishment sold alcohol. European men do dress and act like homosexuals... the whole tight pants, sunglasses, gelled hair thing is very much 'in', so it was pretty hard to tell if they were just hip, or were riders of the hersey highway.

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