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Mar. 3rd, 2004 | 09:34 am
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I had deleted this journal for a while, since my dad found it, and seemed to think it had 'incriminating evidence' in it or something. I decided I'd bring it back, especially since I now have internet access again on a regular basis(can I get a hell yeah for desk jobs?).

Lets write up a little update on the hard facts of my life now. Basically just an expanded version of my bio that I stuck in my user info. Anyways.....

Last entry was in Ft. Sill, OK. I graduated from my artillery class there(got a little award too for good grades), and am now stationed in Camp Lejune, NC. I don't really know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. For my first 3 months, my daily work consisted of a lot of inventorying gear, and cleaning. I just recently got changed to a desk job, making reports and stuff like that. More responsibility, and more suited to my skills I suppose. I still have to go out to the 'field' about once a month, and camp out there, lugging around gear, my machine gun, and basically doing the whole Marine thing. I bitch about it a lot, but my job isn't really that bad. What I do hate are my superiors.

I got myself a beautiful blue 2000 Ford Focus hatchback. Its been dubbed 'The Blue Meanie', and I positively love her. I look for excuses to go out, just so I can drive. I'm all about road trips on weekends.

I don't really have any close friends here. One I had was sent to Haiti. Bunch of aquaintances though. Always somebody to hang out with. As always, I'm single, and looking. Had a girl here in NC for a little while, but it didn't work out.

Recently found an NC online ravers' community, and its looking promising. Was gonna go to a party on Friday, but a buddy asked me to replace him on duty so he can go up to VA and see his wife. Me, being the softy that I am, said yes. There'll be other parties, and the dude promised to pay me too.

Thats the basics.

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from: geroam
date: Jul. 5th, 2004 09:41 am (UTC)

I like random people to be able to read it, though. I've met a lot of interesting people, and you can always count on honest un biased opinions from complete strangers(like you).

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