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Sep. 17th, 2003 | 07:50 pm
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Well, I finished Marine Corps boot camp and infantry training. Quite an accomplishment, if I do say so myself. Nobody can really understand it unless they've been through it. I kept something of a journal in my free moments in boot camp, and really should put it up here someday.
I had some really interesting trains of thought at times. I broke my heel while in boot camp, and ended up spending another two extra months of there. That gave me a lot of time to sit around, and I even wrote the first bit of a story about some people I knew down in Bolivia. I put it up on my website here</a>. Post comments about it up here if you take the time to read it and have any opinions.

I'm now in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. An Army base, of all places, but thats where all of the artillery training happens, no matter what branch of service you are. Its not too bad of a place, but my daily routine sucks royally. Since my classes haven't started yet, I'm in holding, doing nothing all day except for whatever odd jobs they can think up(which is mostly cleaning the barracks over and over and over....). Its not so bad, since I'm always with other Marines. Like my recruiter told me, its like being in the world's biggest gang. I really felt that when we all went to this strip joint/bar on Saturday. The place was filled almost totally with Marines. Some of us even beat up the bouncers(this happened after I left. I miss everything). The feeling of belonging is great. It makes the lack of freedoms and sucky tasks worth it. Plus, I have a stead paycheck that I can spend on anything I want. Most of these guys blow it all within a week, but I'm still used to the Bolivian economy, and it seems like an awful lot of money. I've always been a conservative spender anyhow.

I'm using an internet terminal at the Taco Bell on base now. They charge the ungodly sum of $7 an hour, so I have to refrain myself from staying on too long. Ah, well, things change.

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