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Feb. 15th, 2003 | 08:27 pm
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So many things strike me as odd about the number of protests yuppies make about the future war on Iraq.

First thing that comes to mind is: why did no one say anything when Clinton did basically the same thing in Haiti? They're both violent changes of another country's oppresive regime, with further justification in danger to US interests. Or Afganistan, for that matter? What makes the Taliban any different from Sadam?

Next: The U.N. is full of gutless bullshiters, and is brainnumbingly ineffective in efforts to keep the peace or forcing countries into doing things they don't want to. Does anyone really think that Sadam would be more cooperative now if he didn't have hundreds of thousands of troops coming at him?

I was incredibly impressed by Colin Powell's speech to the U.N.
Anyone who saw it, and believed that Iraq deserves 'more time'....... well, they are the reason that dictators like Sadam can do atrocities like he does.

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